Sunday, November 27, 2011

HDC changes tune of South Street Toilets

Conservative run Town Council has put £55,000 for the refurbishment of South Street Public Toilets closed by HDC because they wanted to knock them down and build flats. The reasons given were:


3.1 It is generally acknowledged that, of the existing stock of town centre public conveniences, the facilities at South Street, St Neots, are the least effective both in terms of the quality of provision and their fit with adjoining land uses. Their location is shown on the plan at Annex A.

3.2 In recent years, property in the vicinity of the public convenience has been or is being converted to residential use and the quality of the buildings upgraded. The public convenience now is detracting from the amenity of the area.

This has been a theme of HDC. In 2006 the South Street Toilets were described as thus:

"Furthermore the setting is considered inappropriate in the context of adjacent redevelopment and the demolition of the site is recommended."

"The Panel were apprised of the poor condition of the public conveniences and their inappropriate location in a conservation area."

HDC believes these toilets are inappropriate for South Street and inappropriate for a Conservation Area. Yet HDC is looking to allow SNTC to refurbish and re-open these toilets even though HDC believes Public Toilets are inappropriate in this area.

Which is it HDC? Does HDC believe these public toilets are inappropriate or are they now appropriate because the idea of demolishing them and building flats didn't even take off?

The trouble is I can't believe reasons HDC give for decisions because they change according to the decision HDC wants. If these toilets are inappropriate then do something else with them rather than allowing an inappropriate use!

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