Friday, July 6, 2012

1000th post and the blog finishes


My fiance and I and looking to move away from St Neots and probably Huntingdonshire. Therefore I feel I cannot carry on with this blog as I will have no connection with St Neots. For the most part I have enjoyed living in St Neots. It is a lovely town and the people should be proud of what they have.

The major downfall is the misuse of the New Homes Bonus and the need for major re-development of the Town Centre which could be funded by the NHB. Sadly this will be missed by the Town and I feel history will look badly how this money was wasted. There is much to commend this town and I wish the population success for the future.

The new boundaries changes will put Djanogly in a spot. Our London MP will have a choice as to whether to try and fight a new Huntingdon constituency or find a seat in London. Whether Djanogly will weather the changes has yet to be seen. Any new boundaries need to be ratified by Parliament.

This blog was mainly about how badly we are governed. The Town Council seems to be getting better and with a proper Town Clerk I feel will do better. Huntingdonshire District Council is still rubbish.

One point is I've always been asked why I don't stand for election. And here is one of many good reasons. If I were elected I would have to resign my seats and cost the council taxpayer a couple of by-elections. Not all people who are political are able to stand.

One thing hasn't changed and that is the disconnect between the public and our politicians. This will continue as none of the political parties seem to have the resolve and resources to make contact with the people of St Neots. The main purpose of this blog was the gee these politicians up to get them communicating with the electorate. In this I failed.



Bill said...

This is sad news indeed. I've thoroughly enjoyed your blog, it goes beyond enjoyment though. You've been presiding a valuable and essential purpose, and if only one other person than yourself feels this, you have not failed.

Thank You

Julia said...

I must say it's been good to have someone who cares about the state of our democracy and our community, who pulls out well-researched and punchy articles, and who is prepared to ruffle feathers regularly. And that's as someone who's been on the receiving end of more than the occasional ruffling. I know many other councillors were less than happy with you, but someone who fancies themselves in a position of power needs to be able to take robust criticism (and those ones can't).

I don't think you've failed, you've exposed how complacent and out of touch some of our local government is, and if the councillors still need geeing up it's to their shame not yours. Thanks for everything and I hope the move works out well for you...

St Ivian said...

I don't think you've failed either. If they haven't listened, you have been a thorn in the side and the conscience of our local councillors, and have highlighted many issues. I have learned much from your blog.

Good luck in your new venture.
Many of us will miss you.