Thursday, December 8, 2011

A message from a reader

I received the following comment via the private messaging facility on the St Neots Community Forums. As such the sender shall remain anonymous. It looks as though it is written by a Town Councillor but I cannot be sure.

I notice in your blog you make much of HDC changing its tune over the South Street toilets. Have you ever considered asking some questions rather than jumping to conclusions. snrednek say: Yes I ask questions all the time. Answers there are few. SNTC have managed to convince HDC to let us reopen and run these toilets because its good for the town to do so. Unlike the old council we dont go public in bitching about HDC, we work in a mature manner to do the right things for the town, and make a good case for things to happen. It would be nice if you could follow this story of yours up with "SNTC do something good for the town, at no extra cost to the tax payer".

Hmm....No extra cost to the Council Taxpayer! That sounds good. But whilst the Council Taxpayers aren't paying any more they could be paying less. And the £55,000 allocated contains within £15,000 for the first year running costs which aren't accounted for in future budgets.

snrednek says: Where I find any Council doing a good job I say so. Each Council has its own website. The Conservatives have their own website. The St Neots Conservatives had their own website and now its gone. The Councils and Political Parties get there views over in the two local newspapers without too many awkward questions. Political Parties can put out leaflets, but rarely do so, during the year. I try and ask the awkward questions. When HDC closed the South Street Toilets one of the reasons given was they were inappropriate for the conservation area. Now they are to be re-opened this means the inappropriate reason was a lie.

In the end these are my views on issues affecting St Neots. If you wish to promote differing views, free resources are out there for you to do so.

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