Sunday, June 3, 2012

I found this piece of propaganda on the Huntingdon Conservatives website:
"Whilst other Conservative Councils around the country were defeated heavily by Labour," (Yes but Labour doesn't do much here. This is a Conservative v Liberal Democrat council. Where Labour did campaign in Huntingdon North they won!) "Huntingdonshire was able to buck the national trend."  (This was the only national trend the Conservatives bucked. The rise in the UKIP % of the vote and the over 40% drop in Conservative support were trends which the Conservatives didn't buck.)

"Identifying key local issues and pledging to take action to improve the lives of local residents was at the heart of the campaign of all candiates." (Of course forgetting the pledge to freeze council tax for 2 years which HDC didn't do. With a 40%+ drop in vote this lacklustre campaign meant the Conservatives got a lacklustre support. The given reasons are just rubbish.)

"Whilst it is realised that local residents are suffering in these times of austerity, Huntingdonshire District Council is heavily committed to cutting bureaucracy not frontline services." (Yet again there is no definition of what are frontline services. And realising local residents are suffering in these times of austerity the Conservatives are aiming to increase Council Tax by 3.5% year after year after year.)

This piece is pure propaganda with facts just left out or forgotten or buried. 

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