Saturday, June 2, 2012

Obviously Senior Council Officers have time on their hands!

I see one of the Joint Managing Directors, Malcolm Sharp, is going to become a National President of Planning Officers' Society. In the Hunts Post it says:

The district council’s joint managing director, Malcolm Sharp, will next month take over as national president of the Planning Officers’ Society, a position that will give him direct access to senior Whitehall officials to the advantage of Huntingdonshire, he told The Hunts Post.

Sounds good that he will have direct access to Government officials for a year. But how much time off will this Joint Managing Director need to fulfill his duties as President? And will the people of Huntingdonshire be paying his salary whilst he attends these duties. And how much influence will Malcolm have for just a year as President. I contend not much, because in  another year their will be a different President.

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