Thursday, March 8, 2012

And another thing doesn't make sense....

In the budget report to HDC Cabinet it says:

This represents a percentage increase of 2.6% of the average District Council tax level, and 3.5% of this Council’s lower tax level.

How did HDC come to this conclusion? Isn't the District Council tax level and the Council's lower tax level the same? What I feel HDC is the on about is the Council Tax level for the District is averaging 2.6% whilst HDC's own increase is 3.5%.

So why is this so? Council Tax is made up of several billing authorities. The County Council, Town Council, Police and Fire all precept the money they want to raise from the Council taxpayer from The Billing authority, which, in this case, is HDC. The average increase for St Neots is 2.8%.

With the Police (2.92%), County (2.95%), Fire (2.5%) and HDC coming in at 3.5% the only reason the Council tax is lower is the Town Council comes in with a freeze on Council Tax.

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Julia said...

What I think they mean is that HDC's actual increase amount is 3.5% of their existing precept, or 2.6% of the "average council's" precept. This second figure is completely irrelevant, of course, it just sounds nicer.