Monday, March 5, 2012

Town Clerk job up for grabs

The Town Council has decided to put the job of Town Clerk up for grabs. SNTC has put an advert on the SLCC website:
I say good for the Conservatives. Unlike the previous Liberal Democrat administration who didn't get an Acting Town Clerk into to the job after P. Devonald left, the Conservatives have gone down the right route to appoint a new Town Clerk.

In the 2010/11 Accounts the Town Clerk's salary is given as between £60k - £70k.
SNTC is looking to pay LC4 band of local council pay for the job. That is a very wide range for this job.
As can be seen this is between £48,260 and £69,103. It looks as though Helen was being paid in the Points above substantive range. Unless the job has really changed then between £57,478 and £69,103 is the range of salary.

Even if the Conservatives want to pay less, the council is bound by its membership of NALC and being a Quality Town Status from paying the correct amount for the job.

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