Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why are we paying for this CCTV camera?

The Cambridge Street Car Park was closed on 1st March 2012 for redevelopment. In fact this is land leased by HDC to Turnstone Estates. Yet, surveying this area, is an HDC CCTV camera which SNTC contribute towards.

With no cars to look after there seems no reason to carry on with this CCTV camera. St Neots is set to overpay for this useless camera from April.

I will point out that HDC has a CCTV camera outside Lidl and Lidl has its own CCTV. The only reason to keep this CCTV camera going is to look after the Children's Play Area, which is due to be taken away very soon.

This makes no sense and SNTC should not pay for this useless CCTV camera.

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