Friday, March 2, 2012

Eynesbury Conservatives finally keep a promise!

At the last local election the Conservatives in Eynesbury made the follow promises:
It says: "We pledge to hold a monthly surgery for the public to meet with their Councillors to enable them to talk about local issues concerning them."

Out in Eaton Socon a similar promise was made. The image below is taken from the Town Council website. The Conservatives got on with their councillor surgeries in the Eatons.
9 months after making this promise, the Eynesbury Conservatives have finally gotten around to holding councillor surgeries. The only way I found out about this was a post by Cllr Ursell on the St Neots Community Forums.
Whilst the Eynesbury Conservatives have set up councillor surgeries they haven't done much to publicise this fact. I've looked on the Town Council website and the District Council website. Nothing found. Even the Conservatives own website says absolutely nothing about these surgeries.

What is the point of holding surgeries with virtually no publicity? What a waste of money!

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