Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Report says HDC spent loads on CCTV

I was looking around on the internet about CCTV in Huntingdonshire and I came across a report by Big Brother Watch. What is surprising is Huntingdonshire is in 25th place in the CCTV league table. The cash totals are for the last 3 years.
I was quite surprised at this. So I took a look at the District Councils in Cambridgeshire and two UA's in Bedfordshire.
As can be seen Cambridge has the highest spend. But Huntingdonshire is the highest per camera in this local group. What is amazing is crime ridden? South Cambridgeshire spends nothing.

Central Bedfordshire spent a third of what HDC did on CCTV for roughly the same amount of cameras. I, for one, doesn't see the need for CCTV. Not only am I paying for this service through the District portion of the Council Tax but also through the Town Council portion of the Council Tax from April onwards.

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