Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Campaign for a Council Tax freeze whilst upping this tax elsewhere!

With the HDC Conservatives upping their portion of by 3.5% this St Ives leaflet seems very hypocritical. When the leader of HDC is campaigning against a Council Tax rise in St Ives yet is instituting a rise for HDC this headline seems very wrong.
So who are then St Ives Conservative Councillors who want a Council Tax Freeze next year? They are:
Cllr Ablewhite is Executive Leader who wanted a 3.5% rise in Council Tax at HDC. The others followed him.
Roy Pegram is Chairman of the Fire Authority and Kevin Reynolds is also a member of the Fire Authority which voted to increase their portion of the Council Tax by 2.5%. Both are also County Councillors which raised their portion by 2.95%.
Above are the Conservative town Councillors themselves. Cllr Ablewhite  Cllr Ryan Fuller is also a Deputy Chairman (Political) on Huntingdon Constituency Conservative Association.

On one hand the Conservatives are campaigning for a freeze in Council Tax for St Ives and on the other hand they are instituting tax rises elsewhere. St Ives Town Council will freeze its Council Tax this year. But St Ives Council Taxpayers will see their Council Tax rise as all the other local authorities, which the Conservatives control, are increasing their Council Tax.

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