Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Despite being Conservative is HDC really Socialist?

I ask this question because although the Conservatives have a massive majority, these HDC Conservatives seem very socialist when it comes to Conservative policies HDC seems to be behind.

Lets take a look at the basics. Under the Conservatives Leisure Centres cost a couple million and are still run by the Council. In other areas councils don't run Leisure Centres or has farmed them out to Leisure Trusts. Although HDC was looking to save £500,000 by putting Leisure (£400k) and Parks (£100k) into Trusts these savings have been reversed. To put this into context this is £500,000 which HDC could achieve but has decided not to achieve.

Waste collection is another area open to the private sector to run this service. Yet instead of putting this out to tender HDC

Leisure also features on what this socialist council runs. Millions have been spent on St Neots Leisure Centre and £3m on St Ivo Leisure Centre with a bowling alley. This Conservative run Council likes running loss making businesses where the Council taxpayer picks up the losses. And gets cheap money to expand this loss making Leisure Empire.

These are just a few examples where the socialist utopia that is HDC maintains services it wants to maintain. People vote for the Conservative label at local elections. The outcome seems to be a socialist run Council which believes in big spending, high taxes and the Council knows best. 

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