Thursday, February 2, 2012

HDC builds new homes?

I was intrigued by the statement of Cllr Ablewhite - Executive Leader of HDC - in which he claims HDC has built 798 new homes. Sounds good! In reality HDC has built nothing. It is the developers and housing associations which built this housing. HDC gave planning permission that is all.
Cllr Ablewhite takes credit for developers and housing associations building in Huntingdonshire.

In the middle of the article is:
That is true! HDC has received £832,000 in NHB and is looking to spend £2,029,000 disabled facilities.
Now compare this to the forecast for the New Homes Bonus over the same period.
The New Homes Bonus is bringing in £20 million and the Disabled Facilities is costing £8 million. Whilst Cllr Ablewhite's assertion is true for the current year, much of this has to do with a backlog of work.

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