Thursday, February 2, 2012

Helen King has been sacked

The Town Clerk has been dismissed some 6 months after Helen King initially went sick. Helen was Priory Centre Manager before being promoted to Deputy Town Clerk in mid 2008. A few months later and the Town Clerk, Phillip Devonald, left under a cloud and Helen took over as Acting Town Clerk. Later the Liberal Democrat administration promoted her to Town Clerk.

At the time I said this was wrong. The Liberal Democrats should have brought in a proper Acting Town Clerk and should have held a proper job application process. Instead the Liberal Democrats just went for the person in post. St Neots Town Council is one of the largest Town Councils in England. And needs a person to run this organisation.

Now Helen has been sacked by the new Conservative administration at the Town Council. The Conservatives need to find candidates for a proper job application process. I have no doubt this isn't the last we hear of Helen King as she is likely to go to an Industrial Tribunal.

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