Sunday, June 6, 2010

Does Huntingdonshire District Council actually wants democracy?

On page 19 of their propaganda rag, HDC asks the question "Executive leader or elected mayor?". Reading the article I find there is a bias towards not having an elected Mayor and is in favour of having an Executive Leader. Fancy that! In the article it states:

"An elected mayor is directly elected by the voters in Huntingdonshire as a whole, but at the cost of a separate election."

Democracy costs. But elections can be held in tandem. There is nothing wrong with having the District and Mayoral elections on the same day and this won't cost that much more. I disagree with £125,000 extra cost the council has suddenly found that they say will be needed. I will put in a Freedom of Information request about all this. The Council is anti elected mayor.

There is a better piece on the HDC website.

This document argues against having an elected Mayor as there may be confusion over with the Town Mayors. This of course is an argument which needs a bit of exploration. Huntingdon is a shire. A Sheriff used to be in charge of the Shire as the term Sheriff comes from the term Shire - Reeve. Wouldn't an elected High Sheriff of Huntingdonshire actually make sense.

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