Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More on the Annual Town Meeting

I've finally gotten around to reviewing a bit more of the Annual Town Meeting. The Town Mayor gave a report on the Town Council for the previous year. A copy can be found here! So what was missing? In the year of 2 damning audit reports - not one mention. According to the Mayor's Report these damning reports simply didn't happen!

I did ask a couple of questions:
As you can read from the answers the Town Mayor didn't want to talk about the issues raised. Probably thinking about his new ceremonial robes!

Moving on!

The Town Mayor went on about the new Staff Structure. As ever, no diagram or hand out was given. The Town Mayor said:
The review removed to two part-time posts (though full-time according to the last published staff structure).
I just have to wonder what the Town Mayor is taking us for. The removal of the Finance Assistant post and the Town Centre Manager posts whilst welcome only takes a small step. As for the creation of the Deputy Town Clerk - it wasn't as there is no where that it was actually deleted! Thinking about this, I don't really understand what the Town Mayor was on about. Especially as I found this minute:
Having got rid of the Finance Assistant, the Town Council is going to employ an accountant. The Town Mayor didn't mention this!
To resolve this question I thought I would look up the current Forward Plan. There isn't one currently published. I looked back and found this:
Since this minute from a meeting of 16th December 2009, there hasn't been a whiff of a Forward Plan being agreed or even published! All this wrong and the Town Mayor get new robes. Then I wonder why the Town Council is in a constant mess.

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