Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Its £15.1 million not £16.9 million.

In a recent Editor's note on the letters page, HDC informed the News and Crier of the following:

St Neots: £16.9 million
Huntingdon: £12.6 million
St Ives: £9.7 million
Ramsey: £4.6 million

Err.. this isn't quite right. In fact the figures are wrong. The amount of Council Tax can be worked out with two pieces of information. The first piece is the Council Tax Base. This is published here. The figure for each Town is:

St Neots: 10195
Huntingdon: 7255
St Ives: 5725
Ramsey: 2890

The next piece of information that is needed is the Band D amount for each Town. Table 2 in this publication. These are:

St Neots: £1483.61
Huntingdon: £1500.82
St Ives: £1496.32
Ramsey: £1441.94

To work out the total council tax paid by each area all the needs to happen is multiply the council tax base by the Band D amount.

St Neots: 10195 x £1483.61 = £15,125,403.95
Huntingdon: 7255 x £1500.82 = £10,888,449.10
St Ives: 5725 x £1496.32 = £8,566,432.00
Ramsey: 2890 x £1441.94 = £4,167,206.60

Using the HDC's own way of calculating Council Tax there is a wide discrepancy between the figures published in the News and Crier and the correct figure here.

So the figures should be:

St Neots: £15.1 million not £16.9 million
Huntingdon: £10.9 million not £12.6 million
St Ives: £8.6 million not £9.7 million
Ramsey: £4.2 million not £4.6 million

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