Saturday, May 21, 2011

Derek Giles and his predictions

In a letter published in The Hunts Post, Derek Giles makes a statement and some predictions.

1.  "After years of striving to maintain a town council budget increase of below inflation," says Del. The only problem this just doesn't stack up.

The budget for 2007/08 was £695794. In 2008/09 the budget/precept increased to £759873. This was a 9.2% increase. Inflation was 2%. So this was inflation busting. For 2009/10 the budget was increased to £803576. This was a 5.75% increase. What Del says just doesn't stack up.

2. "this time next year we will all be hit by a record rise in our local community charge,"

The budget is in a good state. With more housing coming on in Love's Farm and elsewhere the likelihood is the Town Council will have a budget surplus. If the Conservatives do make cuts to the budget and keep cutting the waste, such as the extra spent on the ground maintenance, this will allow the Conservatives a bit of freedom in the Town Council budget.

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