Thursday, May 5, 2011

So that was the local elections! - except Eynesbury

With the close of polls I thought I would take a look back at the lacklustre campaign here in St Neots or should I say from my perspective in Eynesbury. I say lacklustre, because all I got was one leaflet each from two political parties plus a letter from each because I'm a postal voter. I wasn't even canvassed during these elections. Labour put up one candidate yet didn't even get a leaflet out.

This is the state of elections in St Neots. Yet when I go elsewhere in the country I'm stuck by the number of leaflets and posters about. This follows on from the General Election that never was. St Neots is a backwater which doesn't really do politics.

Whose fault is this state of affairs? The political parties are not inspiring the public to vote. On the otherhand the public isn't really supporting the political parties. It is a vicious circle where the political parties do less and therefore the public becomes less interested and therefore the political parties do less and so on and so on.
If the mighty Conservatives haven't got enough people to get round the ward what chance have we that other smaller parties will achieve this aim? Time for smaller single member wards.

On of the purposes of this blog is to gee up our local political parties into informing the public what is going on. In that I have failed. Indeed the political parties seem to be going backwards. Eynesbury has the Town elections pencilled in for 9th June 2011. Whoever wins, St Neots isn't served by this near silence from those who wish to govern us.

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