Sunday, May 15, 2011

My questions for the Annual Town Meeting 2011

The Annual Town Meeting is on 16th May 2011. These are the questions I propose to ask at this meeting.
  • Were any monies received by the Town Council from the abolished councils of Eynesbury Hardwicke Parish and St Neots Rural Parish? If any money was received how much from each?
  • The St Neots Swimming Pool Trust has a woeful record of filing accounts and annual returns with the charity commission. As all Town Councillors bar one are Trustees. Can you explain why both the accounts and annual returns for year ending 31st March 2009 were filed nearly a year late? And why the Annual return for 2010 was filed 29 days late?
  • With parliamentary seats being redistributed will the Town Council and the various political parties write to and lobby the Boundary Commission for the name St. Neots to be included in any eventual constituency name covering St Neots?
  • In the Forward Plan, the Town Council talks of having a Community Centre for Eynesbury on the new development site on the other side of the railway to Eynesbury. How can this satisfy the demand the Town Council perceives for a Community Centre actually in Eynesbury itself?
  • With cuts planned by HDC to grants for the voluntary sector, what is going to happen to the Citizens Advice Bureau in St Neots?
  • The New Homes Bonus has been introduced. This gives a bonus for each new house occupied a bonus will be paid for 6 years roughly equal to the Council Tax for the property. With 5000 homes planned for the East of St Neots this would equate to a minimum of £36 million split 80/20 between the District Council and the County Council. What are all the Councils and our representatives doing to ensure St Neots gets the lions share of the New Homes Bonus due?
  • Other Parish and Town Councils have published payments over £500 on their websites. When will St Neots Town Council?
  • What plans, if any, has the swimming pool trust for the provision of an outdoor swimming pool in St Neots? 
  • How many freedom of information requests were made in the last year and how many were successful?
  • How many exhumations have been made in the Town Council run cemeteries in the last year and in which cemeteries?
  • In the Conservative manifesto it says: “We will protect and enhance green open spaces”. How will this be achieved?
  • In the Forward Plan version 4 the following is stated: "We will listen to, respond and involve all residents, businesses and community organisations in an open consultative decision making manner". When formulating the Forward Plan version 4 did the Town Council consult will all residents over the provisions contained within the plan? If not why not?
  • In the Forward Plan version 3 page 19 there is set out a series of performance indicators. In version 4 there is not indication as to whether these performance indicators have been achieved. So what I would like to know is what performance indicators, as set out in version 3, were achieved and which were not?

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