Saturday, May 14, 2011

Elections 2011: Eaton Socon

Eaton Socon:

This had an election and a by-election for the District Council. The results was:
The Conservatives did well but not as good as in 2008 when they scored 911votes. It was the loss of Labour supporters who previously voted Liberal Democrats which did it for Liberal Democrats at District. Gordon Thorpe did quite badly coming 99 votes behind fellow Liberal Democrat Julia Hayward. Just goes to show that being in the paper every week opening something just doesn't get you votes!

For the 2012 elections a Jennings v Hayward election battle would prove very interesting. This is for the Liberal Democrats to win. But if they do nothing in between elections the Liberal Democrats are unlikely to achieve a win.
Julia Hayward gained an extra 121 votes but this didn't help her win. Andrew Jennings scored 96 less votes than Roger Harrison. Roger Harrison did quite well but slightly less votes than at the District Elections.

Previous elections

At the 2008 elections the result was:

At the 2007 elections the result was:
The 2007 Town Council elections was:
In 2007 the Conservatives increased their vote from 659 to 673. An increase of 14 votes. The Liberal Democrats increased their vote from 671 to 791. An extra 120 votes. Thorpe increase his vote by 40.

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