Monday, September 19, 2011

Blot on the landscape

Throughout the summer I've been watching this "bridge" grow and grow whilst walking the dogs. I, like many, have to scratch my head over why this bridge is so long? When I first heard of the bridge I thought it would be a straight up and over like the one at Riverside Park.

I don't dispute the need for a bridge across the Great Ouse. As a cyclist to get to Eaton Socon it is a trouble so go over the weir or along the A428. This makes cycling and walking to and from Eaton Socon much, much easier.

As a show case for the connection between the two communities it is plainly over engineered. Too big and the walkway is far too far. A blot on the landscape.

When archaeologists in the far distant future look at this bridge they will scratch there heads to think why it was built so long on the Eynesbury side. Sometimes the people behind these projects need to take a step back and look at the outcome before committing the project to be built. Visitors et al will also be scratching their heads as to this blot on the landscape.

Is this something St Neots should be proud of? I say NO!

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