Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ed Reilly is Acting Town Clerk

Edward Reilly FCMI FFA is the Acting Town Clerk during the mysterious absence by the current Town Clerk - Helen King. Last time there was a mysterious absence the former Town Clerk - Phillip Devonold - eventually resigned. So why is the Town Council keeping the change so quiet?

This is taking everything to extreme. The Town Clerk is absent and a temporary replacement has turned up. This is good and I congratulate the Conservatives with getting on with the job. The Liberal Democrats should have done the same when Devonold left. They didn't.

So who is Ed Reilly? The only Ed Reilly I came across was a Town Clerk to Sleaford Town Council in Lincolnshire. Linkedin also has something on Ed.

This could also be something decided at 8th July 2011 Council Meeting. This has been kept secret. Why?

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