Thursday, September 29, 2011

If I were Lidl I would......

Block the view of the cinema unless I get a lot of money. The reason is Turnstone Estates don't have the right to use my land to advertise their cinema development. Think about it. Turnstone Estates are proposing to build a cinema and restaurants behind Lidl land. There is no vehicular access from Lidl car park.

If I were Lidl I would be most upset that my car park would be used to drop visitors to the new cinema complex. This is my land so why should the developers get away with using my land to get people into their development.

What would I do if I were Lidl? Firstly, I would put up a boundary fence to block off the cinema complex from my land. Secondly, I would plant trees to stop the view of the cinema complex from Cambridge Street across my land.
Why should Turnstone Estates get away with using my land to service their development? If I were Lidl I would try to stop Turnstone Estates from using my land for their development for free.

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Keith said...

I always assumed there was a right of access from the Lidl's car park to that site, as there's currently access to the existing council car park.

The design brief itself stated...
"A Deed of Covenant between the District Council and Lidl dating from 1998 allows for a right of way for servicing vehicles to pass and repass over the Lidl car park for the purpose of servicing 12 Huntingdon Street and the old Fire Station."
...under section 3.2 regarding land ownership. If they didn't have access there was a rather big oversight made in the design brief site plans.