Thursday, September 22, 2011

No theatre in cinema

Way back when this cinema/theatre project was first mooted, I asked a few questions. One was in a conversation with a representative of Turnstone Estates. One of my questions was:

What about the theatre auditorium?
One screen will be able to be used as a theatre auditorium by local theatre groups. But is won't be like a normal theatre.
On another occasion  the theatre plan was expressed:

Cllr Barry Chapman: "The plans would also include a theatre auditorium, he added." - Hunts Post
The plan is for one of the cinema auditoria to be able to accommodate occasional theatre productions, a spokeswoman from Turnstone Estates said. - News and Crier

If the cinema is supposed to be getting a theatre auditorium where will it be?

Notice the change. It has changed from a theatre to "live performances". The theatre has been dropped. Screen 3 is where the "live performances" could take place.

This is a copy of the plans submitted to HDC. If this is to be used by local theatre groups where are the following?:

The Stage to perform on
The Lighting for the productions
The Changing Rooms so performers can get changed
The Scenery Store for scenery or indeed anything that may be needed
Storage for the 30 seats to be taken out.

There is nothing in the building that facilitates the use of the Auditorium as a Theatre let alone used for "live performances". The best I can see is a one man band playing to 92 seats. 

The plans do not include a theatre auditorium. I doubt whether "live performances" will take place.

I thought this would be fitting. Though whether the band will fit in to the "live performance" section is open to question.

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