Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HDC is breaking the law

In the Corporate Governance Panel Agenda the following is stated:
The reasons why the final accounts are not ready is not stated. Only a "combination of reasons" rather than actually spelling these out. As pointed out it is a requirement the accounts are approved by the panel. What do the Financial Regulations say?
The Corporate Governance Panel isn't doing this. Yet the law says HDC should do so. HDC is therefore breaking the law by not agreeing the Final Accounts.

What are the problems? HDC hasn't said. They could be minor or major. That will have to wait for the final accounts when they are finally published.

It seems OK for HDC to break the law over the approving these accounts. Yet HDC doesn't want residents to break the law. Council Tax defaulters, dog litter, parking fines and many other offences HDC uses the law to fine and even imprison offenders. Yet when HDC breaks the law - nothing is done. Nothing is mentioned in the Agenda to indicate these accounts have to be approved by 30th September 2011. As an Authority HDC has a duty to uphold the law. If HDC doesn't then why should the residents?

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