Monday, June 6, 2011

9th June 2011 - who I'm voting for!

Eynesbury is set to vote on 9th June 2011 for the last seats to be decided in the Town Council elections. With the Conservatives winning back in May this is a different election.  There are now different reasons as to which way I'm voting.

Firstly, I won't vote Labour. Secondly, looking at the new Town Councillors at the Annual Town Meeting they are a bunch of men, with one exception. Therefore I'm voting for the female candidates first.

That is Hutton, Collins and Andrea Ruck.

The next thing is I won't be voting for either of the Conservative District Councillors. HDC is in a financial mess. The HDC Conservatives have taken the New Homes Bonus without a peep from the St Neots District Councillors when formulating the HDC budget.

As for the rest. Seeing the death of a candidate delayed elections I feel I should vote for the younger candidates. Steve van de Kerkhove gets my vote. As does Les Roberts, Rob Moores and David Ruck

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