Friday, June 3, 2011

Conservative Leaflet for Eynesbury 9th June delayed elections

I've received a leaflet through from the Conservatives regarding the delayed elections in Eynesbury for the Town Council. So what are the Conservatives promising?

In the main text they are promising to:

Work with the County Council to promote Bargroves as a Community facility.
Routing the carnival through Eynesbury.
Supporting local group such as EVA.

What else does the leaflet say?

On the New Homes Bonus it says:
Well the Conservatives already control all 3. The problem with this is whilst the County Council has put the money aside, Conservative controlled HDC has put the money in the budget. With 8 Conservative District Councillors from St Neots out of 41 Conservative District Councillors this is 19.5% of the membership. This is up from 16%. 

 The Conservatives also promise to be more transparent at council meetings. The last sentence says: "What have they not been telling us?". Well now your in-charge the Conservatives can inform us.

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