Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Djanogly continues not to be good for the Conservatives

The Huntingdon Conservative Association continues on the slow slide towards oblivion. According to the 2010 accounts, Membership of HCA has fallen slightly from 686 to 663. A drop of 23.
With an increase of 1 on Full membership the fall has been the Out of Constituency membership, down 22, and the final 2 Club members going.

The deficit increased this year from £8086 to £11801. The Association is eating into capital to keep going. 2010 was General Election year and this should have been a fundraising opportunity for HCA. In 2005 the Fighting Fund brought in £13955. In 2010 there is no figure but this was probably about £4200. With £3000 from Lola Cars this is really a paltry amount. Comparing 2005 with 2010 there is a large difference in Income generated from fundraising.
The Huntingdon Industrial Advisory Council has a dropped from £4000 to nothing. The Premier Club has stopped being a major contributor to the Associations funds. Various other events have been dropped. This leaves HCA in the predicament it currently finds itself in.

So why blame Djanogly? Well this is his power base. Djanogly needs a well funded Association to carry on the political campaigning and as all political wonks know this needs money. The fighting fund for Djanogly simply failed. The HIAC, which is Djanogly's baby, also failed. The Premier Club also failed.

Djanogly hasn't been good for Huntingdon Conservative Association. He isn't bringing in the money needed to sustain the Conservative Association he represents. What this Conservative Association needs is an injection of cash. It either needs to fundraise more or the MP and Councillors need to start contributing to Association funds.

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