Friday, June 10, 2011

Conservatives win Eynesbury

At the delayed Town Council elections for the Eynesbury Ward held yesterday on 9th June 2011, the Conservatives won.

Edward Bruning, (Liberal Democrat), 326 
Diana Collins, (Liberal Democrat), 385 
James Corley, (Liberal Democrat), 320 
Andrew Hansard, (Conservative), 560 - elected 
Catherine Hutton, (Conservative), 546 - elected 
Robert Moores, (Liberal Democrat), 328 
Emlyn Rees, (Labour), 204 
Leslie Roberts, (Liberal Democrat), 327 
Andrea Ruck, (Conservative), 532 - elected 
David Ruck, (Conservative), 512 - elected 
Douglas Terry, (Liberal Democrat), 317 
Paul Ursell, (Conservative), 584 - elected 
Adrian Usher, (Conservative), 551- elected 
Steve Van De Kerkhove, (Liberal Democrat), 406 
Karl Wainwright, (Conservative), 511- elected 

Turnout was 15.09 per cent.

This makes Conservative control of the Town Council near total. The only opposition member is Carl Jones who stood as an Independent. The Conservatives went at this with a full on campaign which did them well.

Now the Conservatives have the problems. Their is no one else they can blame if things go wrong. Cllr Farrer tries to blame "THEY" which seems to be a code word for Conservatives.

This has been a good set of elections for the Conservatives. But when you get to the top of the mountain the only way is DOWN.

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Julia said...

"But when you get to the top of the mountain the only way is DOWN."

Don't I know it! :)