Thursday, June 9, 2011

So who are THEY?

In an article in this weeks Hunts Post, Cllr Bob Farrer (County Councillor, District Councillor and Town Councillor) said the following about reduced hours at the library service in St Neots.
The Library should be the hub for the Town. I hope Cllr Farrer follows through by getting the Town Council to deposit the documents it produces there.

Cllr Farrer also goes onto say: "Last year THEY refurbished it". So who is THEY?. Well Cllr Farrer is a County Councillor and it is the County Council, of which he is a Councillor, who are THEY who refurbished St Neots Library. Cllr Farrer goes on: "Why should THEY want to spend that money and start shutting it? If County Councillor Bob Farrer can't answer why the County Council  is doing this then maybe he could turn to his fellow District Councillor, who is also a Town Councillor and the County Councillor in charge of libraries - Cllr David Harty.

This is just a blame game by Cllr Farrer who can't blame himself so goes off blaming "THEY". And "THEY"are his Conservative colleagues.

Just on last point. Cllr Farrer says: "I would much prefer the Town Council put a bit of money in it."

So the rot starts. A little bit here and a little bit there and boom here comes the rise in Council Tax. Between Mad Baz and Spendmore Bob the Town Council will go to ruin. And it is the residents that will have to stump up the extra Council Tax.

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Julia said...

This is Bob "I'll resign if THEY put parking charges in" Farrer we're talking about, is it?