Friday, October 7, 2011

The first broken "WE WILL" by the Conservatives

At the District and Town Council elections the Conservatives said WE WILL:
So how is covering 75% of the green open space at Shady Walk with tarmac "protecting and enhancing" the said green open space? Of course it isn't and the first Conservative "WE WILL" has already been discarded.

The Conservative line seems to be that "and provide additional leisure activities" lets them off the hook on this one. It doesn't. When I order Coffee and Doughnuts I don't expect my Doughnuts to to be bobbing around in my coffee. Nor when I order sausages and chips do I expect to find my chips stuffed inside the sausages.

From the Conservative "WE WILL" I expected "protecting open green spaces" to be separate from "provide additional leisure activities". The Conservatives must have known the lease needed to be agreed when writing their leaflets. Making this "WE WILL" was therefore foolish. Having written it the Conservatives should have stuck to this "WE WILL".

The rhetoric of the Conservative Town Council election campaign was "Give Us A Chance" and look at what the Liberal Democrats promised and failed to delivered. In one of their first major decision the Conservatives have shown they can dump promises quicker than the Liberal Democrats without even acknowledging this U-Turn.

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