Sunday, October 9, 2011

Robina Hooper resigns from useless Planning Committee

I see from the agenda for the last Town Council meeting that Robina Hooper (Conservative) has resigned from the useless Town Council Planning Committee. As to why hasn't been stated. Robina hasn't been turning up to recent meetings.

At the election Robina was in St Neots.
According to the Town Council website Robina now lives in Yelling.
Now the Conservatives can point to Ian Gardener who lives in Grafham. Good point, but he actually turns up to some meetings. Robina even missed the planning meetings about the cinema in the middle of her ward. With Robina living outside St Neots I feel it is wrong for Robina to hang on to a seat that could be taken by a St Neots resident. Instead of turning up once every six months - resign so a by-election can be held. 

The next elections due are in Priory Park is in November 2012 for the Police Commissioner. Thereafter May 2013 with a County Council election. So waiting around will make no difference.

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