Friday, October 21, 2011

The granny wars over the cinema. Which one will Djanogly support?

On the Hunts Post website there is an article about two grannies at war over the Cinema project. Mrs Cooke against and Mrs Winters for.

Both Mrs Cooke and Mrs Winters are meeting with Huntingdon MP Jonathan Djanogly on Friday to discuss the project, before the application goes before HDC later this year.

What has Djaonogly got to do with this? He is the MP but this is a matter for the Councils and not him. All he can do is listen and monitor the development.

On Djanogly's website there is a picture of Djanogly and Cllr Barry Chapman looking at the plans for the site.
They look like they are at the back of Cressener House which isn't in the proposals. From the looks of this Djanogly is supporting the cinema development.

As Cllr Barry Chapman says:

'We are very pleased by Mr Djanogly's interest in the project which already has the support of Town, District and County Councillors. Huntingdonshire District Council is currently updating its plans for the Huntingdon Street site and we hope these will reflect the view of St Neots residents who wish to see a cinema here.'

With most of the St Neots representatives already on board it seems extremely likely to go ahead.

It seems likely that Djanogly should come down on the side of the cinema project having had his picture taken at the site with the plans. But will we end up with another case of fence sitting yet again? Yes it will.

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