Monday, October 3, 2011

New Homes Bonus - where now?

The Government wants the New Homes Bonus to be used in the communities which are shouldering new housing developments. As such St Neots must be in for a large load of money heading our way. But HDC has nicked this money to prop it failing budget.

As the St Neots Conservatives said in a leaflet during the elections:
In a report to Cabinet the OSP Economic Well-being said:
How much is HDC looking at nicking in New Homes Bonus. In the recent financial forecast HDC has upped the amount it will receive in New Home Bonus.
In 2016/17 it is looking at an extra £1.9 million increasing the total from £4 million to £5.9 million. This has an effect on the Medium Term Plan.
If the New Homes Bonus was taken out of this forecast HDC would have to make an additional £5.9 million of cuts or put up Council Tax to pay for these services. But that is not what the new Homes Bonus is for. It is to show the communities that house building brings tangible benefits. St Neots will see none of this. The St Neots Conservatives say they'll bring the New Homes Bonus back to St Neots where they belong. Having said this how are they going to ensure this happens. If they support this budget the St Neots Conservatives will be breaking an election promise. Yes another promise will be discarded. The St Neots Conservatives are getting rather good at breaking their promises.

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