Monday, October 17, 2011

Cllr Ablewhite (and others) cost us £5000!

Looking back at the Co-op in St Ives Planning Application I have eventually gotten around to finding out how much the District Councillors who voted for the decision to refuse actually cost us. The answer is £5000.

Why were costs awarded against the District Council?

Because those on the Development Management Panel didn't following the officers professional and technical advice. When they came up with their reasons for refusal, the reasons given were not evidenced. The planning Inspector found against HDC because the reasons for refusal weren't evidenced.

So are the District Councillors who voted to refuse, including the Conservative Leader Jason Ablewhite, paying up for this entirely predictable cost. So far NO!

This piece of showmanship cost the Council Taxpayers £5000. A waste of money by the Conservatives.

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