Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lack of evidence costs the Council Taxpayer

Planning is a problem for local politicians. The illusion that it is somehow "democratic" needs to be punctured yet again. From the useless Town Council Planning Committee to the District Council Development Management Committee, evidence is the key to decisions. Planning isn't democratic it is judicial.

When costs are awarded against the Development Planning Committee for putting the applicant to unnecessary expense who pays? The Councillors who voted against this proposal or the Council taxpayer? The Council Taxpayer of course.

In the case of the fuel station at St Ives Co-op the Planning Inspector found against the Councillor who voted this application down. The officer report says:

This is very damning but also educational. The reason it is educational is Councillors when voting against officer recommendations on an application have to produce evidence to support their voting choice. Time and again I've banged on about how useless the Town Council Planning Committee is because it objects without any evidence to support its objections. This time the District Council has been caught out. This is costing the Council Taxpayer.

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