Friday, April 1, 2011

Ablewhite says the right things....

Lets see the deeds. In an interview in the Hunts Post, new Conservative leader designate says:

There needs to be a definition of what "key voluntary services" are. As pointed out the money will have to come from somewhere.
And it could be a referendum!
The basic problem with HDC is has taxed low with high services and the reserves have propped up the budget. This means either savage cuts or large Council Tax rises. The one piece missing in all this is the New Homes Bonus which seems still be excluded from discussion.

Whilst words are good, it is actions that need to be viewed before making a decision to vote Conservative again for HDC.

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dodgydriveruk said...

Mr Ablewhite used to speak this Bill Sh*t in St.Ives, look now...Independents run the Town council as a result and probably will now move into the District seats via the likes of Jonathan Salt....Voluntary services are NOT Council Services, like all local Tories...they talk it up yet never deliver