Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trying to get out from the swimming pool of despair

I see from the front page of the Hunts Post the Swimming Pool Trust has decided to sell the land at the old swimming pool site for £1.75 million for retirement flats to McCarthy and Stone for approximately £1.75 million.

Good. This is the only way forward for the swimming pool trust. Without substantial reserves the only course of action from the swimming pool trust was to go down this route.

What is disappointing is that only 6 of the 17 members of the Swimming Pool Trust were able to make this meeting. All the current Town Councillors (except Steve van de Kerkhove) are members of the trust.

But the money isn't in the bank yet! Whilst a report to HDC says it won't claim half the proceeds, HDC can always change its mind.

As for all the talk about wave machines or flow riders this should be taken with a pinch of salt. The replacement pool is far away from completion. The idea to put this at Rivermead will encounter massive problems with local residents. The use of Brickhills could solve this.

All this just before the elections are held.

Barry Chapman (Conservative) tries to put a fast one.
Of course it would be feasible to put the pool back on the site. But where is Barry Chapman going to get all the money for rebuilding the pool on the old site?

At election time shouldn't the Conservatives be singing from the same hymn sheet rather than two different ones. Cllr Ursell is talking about a new swimming pool. His colleague Cllr Barry Chapman says it is unlikely to be built. Conservatives please make up your minds.

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