Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There off and the Conservatives have already got 3 seats on the Town Council

With the publication of the nominations for the local election on 5th May 2011 the Conservatives are already 3 seats up on the Town Council as the Liberal Democrats have failed to get enough candidates. In Eaton Ford they are two down. In Priory Park they are one down. Unlike Huntingdon, where Labour are fighting for the Town Council, Labour isn't putting up candidates at Town level. Probably hoping to keep the Conservatives out. At Town Council it is therefore a straight Liberal Democrat/Conservative fight.

Former Liberal Democrat leader of the Town Council, Derek Giles, isn't re-standing. There are a number of other losses with Alan Cummings also not re-standing but is standing in Little Paxton at the District elections there.

There is one Independent candidate standing in the single member ward of St Neots East.

If the Conservatives win there could be quite a few District and County Councillors on the Town. 7 District Councillors/candidates are standing for Town. With Catherine Hutton, already a County Councillor, this would make 8. Any controlling Conservative Group that emerged would be dominated by District Councillors.

Whatever the outcome there will be quite a few changes.

Labour have put up candidates for most of the wards except one leaving Eaton Ford as a straight Conservative/Liberal Democrat fight. Though whether the Liberal Democrats will have the resources to fight here is open to question.

The main fights are in:
Eaton Socon where Town Mayor Gordon Thorpe and Julia Hayward are facing an onslaught from Conservatives Andy Jennings and Roger Harrison.
Eynesbury where Paul Ursell is challenged by Rob Moores. The Liberal Democrats want to gain this seat at District and keep there seats at Town.
Priory Park where sitting District Councillor faces a Conservative challenge from Conservative Paula Longford.

Can the Liberal Democrats hang onto the Town Council and their District seats? Only the election will tell.

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