Sunday, April 24, 2011

A message from Cllr Ursell

I received this personal message from Cllr Ursell to me at the St Neots Community Forums. I posted this message as Cllr Ursell says he can't get access to my blog. So I thought it best to add to the blog.


To: rednek
20/04/2011 02:54PM

Letters to postal voters have been delivered to most postal voters in Eynesbury. The few that remain will be delivered by tomorrow night.

The main leaflet is being delivered during the next week or so. I will deliver your copy personally

The conservative candidate team have been out canvassing and will continue to do so up until the election.

As we have been going round we have not seen the other parties canvassing

I would have posted a comment on your blog but I can't get access


Paul Ursell

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