Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Too many Town Council candidates are on other Councils too?

The Conservatives have put forward a full slate of candidates for the Town Council elections. Many are already Councillors on other Councils or candidates for other Councils.

County Council only:
Catherine Hutton

County and District Councils:
Bob Farrer
David Harty

District only:
Paul Ursell
Andrew Hansard
Barry Chapman

District candidates:
Roger Harrison
Andy Jennings

That makes many councillors/candidates who have a lot of other duties to do.

This is the problem with politics. The political parties are contracting as people are really not interested in joining. 21 seats for St Neots Town Council is far too many. The number should be halved to 11. I have to question whether a Councillor on so many different Councils and outside bodies will really have the time and energy to put into directing the Town Council.

For a bit of balance there are a few Liberal Democrats who are doing the same. Gordon Thorpe,  Julia Hayward, Steve van de Kerkhove, Rob Moores, Eleanor Mason and Kendal Cooper. The difference between the two parties is the Conservatives are in power at County and District. The Liberal Democrats are in opposition.

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