Friday, April 22, 2011

Could UKIP mess it up for the Conservatives?

The party of the protest vote were the Liberal Democrats. At the 2010 local elections UKIP certainly spoiled the result in Eynesbury for the Conservatives. This year no UKIP candidates. In St Neots and the surrounding areas this is a UKIP desert. Jenny O'Dell is standing in Kimbolton and Staughton.

At the District elections UKIP have put up 11 candidates mainly in the north of Huntingdonshire. This is unlikely to pose many problems for the Conservatives unless the party of protest does well. It is not just some Liberal Democrat supporters who are unhappy with the Coalition, there are many Conservatives how are also unhappy. The result in Huntingdon North could be the one to watch. Because UKIP stopped the Conservatives winning at the last Huntingdon North by-election.

At these election UKIP is trying to do two things. Firstly it is trying to establish a base in Ramsey. Secondly from this there it will attack the wards surrounding Ramsey and spread southwards.

To many political pundits UKIP is something to be disregarded. To the Conservative right, UKIP is a natural alternative home for their support. To the general public left without a party of protest now the Liberal Democrats are in government UKIP is the vehicle to use. But not in St Neots. Because we have no UKIP candidates.

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