Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Local Elections: Priory Park

This is a Conservative/Liberal Democrat marginal. The District ward covers much of the north east of St Neots plus Love's Farm. The Town ward excludes Love's Farm which has its own Town ward. There are 4 seats up for election at the Town Council elections in this ward.

The Town Candidates (excluding Love's Farm) for the 4 seats are:
With only 3 Liberal Democrats standing in this 4 seat ward this gives the Conservatives 1 seat. For the Conservatives Barry Chapman is already a District Councillor. Ian Gardner has been brought in from Grafham. For the Liberal Democrats District Councillor Kendal Cooper is standing in both elections. Standing down is Bob Eaton, Alan Cummings and Leigh Ottotangui.  Martin Land, Agent, is having to stand to make up the numbers.

The 2010 District elections results:
This was in combination with the 2010 General Election. Therefore a much higher turnout.

The 2007 District elections results:

The 2007 Town Council results:

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