Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is this how One Leisure operates?

In the May issue of the free listings magazine, received 26th April 2011,  there is an advert on page 9. It is for the Easter break activities for kids at St Neots leisure centre.
Sounds good but I received this copy on 26th April 2011 and the activities finished on 25th April 2011 the day after I received this magazine.

So what is the point of this advert? Is this the result of One Leisure becoming more business like?


One Leisure Marketing said...

It was nice to see that someone noticed this unfortunate error. Good spot. Unfortunatley One Leisure cannot take the blame for this error. Communication was received from the magazine regarding the incorrect advert being placed in this edition. Being 'business like' a refund has been sort from the magazine in question and the One Leisure St Neots facility was also made aware last week in case any comments were received from customers.

ted said...

I am the Editor of Lovely Moon and the cock-up is entirely my fault. I was supposed to repeat March's advertisement for the spa and simply put the wrong copy on the page. As soon as I realised my mistake I got in touch with One Leisure and told them to crumple my May invoice up into a tiny ball and bin it, so the ratepayer will not be charged! It was very embarrassing for them and both costly and embarrassing for me, but it's definitely a case of cock-up not conspiracy.

I promise to be more careful in future.

Ted (red-faced) Bruning