Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cllr Ursell standing in Eynesbury

On the St Neots Community Forum Cllr Ursell (Conservative District candidate for Eynesbury) has been saying a few things about the non-appearance of any Conservative literature since the election campaign started. On the Forum Cllr Ursell says on 12th April 2011:

Six days later and the leaflets will be now delivered over the next two weeks.

If Cllr Ursell fails to be re-elected, then this must be the significant reason why not.

Another reason could be the candidate didn't come and knock on the electors doors.

But Eynesbury isn't that large.
This is not a rural ward. All the housing are in estates and aren't particularly spread out. Combining the District and Town candidates there are 7 Conservatives candidates in Eynesbury. With that many candidates Eynesbury should be canvassed within the election period. If Eynesbury is too big then this is evidence that St Neots should go to single member wards. Also instead of not getting round within the election period do this beforehand!

This isn't good enough and this is a lame excuse by the Conservatives as to why they are not effective campaigning. Why are they being so quiet?

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