Thursday, April 7, 2011

Should HDC compete with other printers?

In District Wide there is an advert for a printing service run by HDC.
Sounds good that HDC is utilising its printing machinery to make money to keep the Council Tax down. But is this really good?

The point being is printing these types of posters and other services is really the preserve of the private sector. This service is therefore competing with the private sector for business. This is wrong. Have all the other printers been able to advertise in District Wide for free? This service has! I can't see any other adverts from printing businesses. This is HDC taking away business from the private sector. Hardly what a Conservative council should be doing!

The HDC printing business therefore has:

Free Advertising
Money for equipment/software comes from the Council Tax

And can't go bust as the Council taxpayer will pick up losses.

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