Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Local elections: Eaton Socon Ward

Eaton Socon could be the most fascinating result in the elections on 5th May 2011. With the recent resignation of the "fly me" Councillor Mandy Thomas this has meant both District seats are up for election. At the same time there are 4 Town Council seats up for election.

The District candidates are:
The Town candidates are:
For the Conservatives the both Andy Jennings and Roger Harrison are standing in both elections. For the Liberal Democrats Gordon Thorpe and Julia Hayward are standing in both elections. Also Eleanor Mason is standing for Town in this ward and for District in the Eaton Ford ward. No Labour candidates for the Town elections which probably means Labour wants its supporters to vote Liberal Democrat at the Town Council elections but can't say so.

The big news is that Derek Giles is not standing.

Previous elections

At the 2008 elections the result was:

At the 2007 elections the result was:
The 2007 Town Council elections was:
In 2007 the Conservatives increased their vote from 659 to 673. An increase of 14 votes. The Liberal Democrats increased their vote from 671 to 791. An extra 120 votes. Thorpe increase his vote by 40.

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