Thursday, April 14, 2011

First election leaflet through from the Liberal Democrats

My first election leaflet through the door and it is from the Liberal Democrats. In a very well laid out leaflet the Liberal Democrats put over why they should be elected on some key policies to them.
The large red square on the front comparing St Neots Town Council with other Town Councils is very good.
This shows the marked difference between St Neots and other Town Councils.

The leaflet sets out some key aims, but no real specific promises. Only general promises on what a Liberal Democrat run Town Council will do.

The only statement to take issue with is:
Whilst the next Leader of the HDC Conservatives has said the money could be found for these voluntary groups but nothing has happened at Council to change this policy. So the policy remains in force until it is changed. The Conservatives had the opportunity to change this policy at Council but didn't.

The Liberal Democrats seem to continue to court the Labour supporters with:
The 375 UKIP voters should focus their minds. A close race?

A very good leaflet from the Liberal Democrats hitting at the Conservatives.

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