Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is Labour over egging their chances?

In a piece on the local elections in the News and Crier, Labour spokesman Mike Sneath says he is confident Labour will get 4 to 5 seats. Where these seats are he doesn't indicate. With Labour trailing a very poor third in all locations there isn't many places where Labour could come from third to first. Yaxley and Farcet ward is one such place.
I suppose this is premised on the weird assumption that all Liberal Democrat supporters will now vote Labour. But that won't be so. Or is this a statement in the hope that Labour supporters will go out and vote if there is a notion of a chance of winning.

Labour needs to campaign. They have put up a full slate of candidates in the 3 Huntingdon wards up for election and for the Town Council. In St Neots, Labour is is only fighting in 3 of the 4 wards up for election and no one for the Town Council elections. Hardly going to win here.

So Labour are targeting Huntingdon. It could be they have done the ground work, but that is unlikely.

Labour got us into this mess. Labours love affair with the city is well documented.
I suppose we have to wait for the count on 6th May 2011 to find out whether Labours prediction will come true. Is Labour over egging their chances? The answer has to be yes they are!


dodgydriveruk said...

In my ward in Huntingdon... 1 leaflet through the door 3 weeks ago from the Tories (just concerned about traffic calming and residents parking - due to Riverside charging & poor ring road congestion causing rat runs) - Lib Dems -only a POSTAL vote leaflet (better play area, more bus shelters, better youth facilites and more grants for clubs societies) - Labour... err nothing yet.....
I have a choice of Lib/Lab/Con in my ward and none of the parties inspire...and equally the Candidates...we are being taken for granted and I guess with the way the Incumbent MP Djanogly shows an example of "how to" when it comes to politics, they have learned by example....I shall spoil the councils votes and vote YES to in Huntingdonshire either Vote Yes to AV or keep Djanogly...

Huntingdonshire said...

You could take a look at the Green Party and see if they inspire you. We are only a small group in Huntingdonshire and have a long way to go in order to develop and provide a viable alternative to the status quo of Conservatives Lib Dems and Labour. Turnouts in some council wards are fairly low so the big three are leaving a lot of voters unispired. Why not join and play a part?